Travel Tips

The Perfect Storm is Here….and it’s not pretty!

Summer is here and the living SHOULD be sweet. We’re finally coming out of the pandemic, or at a more bearable/tolerable/functional level. Borders are opening, masks are optional on planes, restrictions are easing and we are all ready to get outside our homes and see the world again.

The trips are booked, we’re ready to go. Well hold up. I just spent the last 4.5 days with industry leaders and while there is so much exciting stuff happening now and on the horizon, we can not forget what is happening real-time with the flight situation. It’s not just limited to one airline, it’s happening industry-wide. And if you understand it, you can make your travel experience a little bit better and be a little more prepared to troubleshoot in case the unexpected happens.

Airlines across the board are experiencing shortages. Shortages in Pilots, shortages in flight crews and shortages in planes. Combine that with crowded airports, bad weather (we’re officially in hurricane season and bad storm season that can have a horrific ripple effect across the nation) and a mandatory reduction of flights by Airport Authorities or Air Traffic Controllers. All of this equals….The Perfect Storm.

Ways to mitigate this:

(1) DO NOT book a tight connection. I always recommend AT MINIMUM 60-90 minutes, depending on the airport sometimes longer.

(2) NO last flight. Taking that last flight home….bad idea. Pilots timing out is a real thing (I just experienced it the other day) and not a great way to start or end your trip.

(3) Avoid small planes if you can. Depending on your gateway, you may not be able to avoid this, but, smaller planes are more likely to be cancelled. I love to fly from the airport 20 minutes from my house and I know it’s a gamble every.single.time

(4) If you are checking a bag, try to pack at least 3 days worth of clothes in your carry on. This way, if you make it to your final destination and your bags do not, you will at least have clean clothes to get you through the first few days until your luggage catches up to you.

(5) ALWAYS pack your medicine and essential medical needs in your carry on

(6) Track your bags on your airlines app or website (if available). This is one thing I love about American! I love checking to see if my bag gets loaded on the plane after my connection.

It can be an amazing summer….the comeback summer we all need and deserve. But the way we travel is different now and we have to adjust! Let me help you book your next trip to take the stresses out of planning and navigating the new world we live in. Have a trip in mind? SEND me your ideas! I’d love to help bring it to life!